About us

About Nip N Tuck Performance - Your Car Shop in Utah County


Our primary goal here at Nip N Tuck Performance is Customer Satisfaction. Period. We pride ourselves with our meticulous work and craftsmanship. When it comes to quality and performance, we are the front-runner of Utah Performance Shops. We specialize in installation, maintenance and fabrication of high performance parts, engine rebuilds, engine swaps, turbo diesel, and diagnostics.


Nip N Tuck Performance brings over 20 years of combined experience building high performance vehicles. We have the knowledge and skills to help you reach your goals for your vehicle - whether it is improving gas mileage, dominating the street scene with ultimate customization, or achieving top-speeds at the raceway. You can trust Nip N Tuck Performance to get the job done right, use only the highest quality parts, and exceed your expectations.


Bring your car or truck to Nip N Tuck Performance for any auto repair - oil change, check engine light, Utah Safety and Emissions, car tune up, engine rebuild, car maintenance, or squeaky brakes.

Nip N Tuck Performance is a locally owned business in Orem, Utah. Check out our shop feature by CAMautoMag: